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uuuhhhh Twi it’s not even working yet… (she makes a good point anyway)
Done with the small sketches and pics I did for fun (for now at least), next post will be a large project I’ve been working on for a long time. Should be ready very soon, stay tuned~
suggestive167704 alternate version64531 artist:qlop104 twilight sparkle327056 pony1268413 unicorn421079 bust64282 collar39844 disembodied hand3336 earbuds955 error1314 female1556079 femsub12621 fetish47329 finger gun257 finger guns119 glitch1109 greentext1149 hand10397 heart58378 high res81144 horn108910 horn ring6567 hypnogear341 hypnosis3931 hypnosis fetish190 jewelry86130 latex14928 lock617 magic83809 magic hands1095 mare589047 metal1000 padlock748 ring4861 signature33390 simple background481215 solo1226855 spiral170 steel38 submissive20747 technical difficulties53 text72816 twisub1042 unicorn twilight24241 visor892 white background123755


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@Background Pony #BDF0
If you’re going to call someone out, at least make it be for them actually breaking the rule, but ideally, just report things for Rule 4 in that case. In this case? He was just talking about how he prefers this kind of image.

I’m cool with Hypnosis, because Hypnosis wears off in time. The character is still there, they’re just being temporarily “borrowed”.
My issue is with mind-wiping. Where the personality, memories, the entire life of the character is erased forever. THAT i hate beyond words. At that point you might as well have just killed the character and made a mindless clone to use.
I mean, you’ve already killed the character by that point anyway.
Background Pony #BDF0
I choose to interpret this as displaying what it’s doing to her brain right now~