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Page 1714 - What’s Yours Is Mine
9th Jul 2022, 6:00 AM in What About Discord?
I think I’ve just got to reckon with the fact that, over the course of its runtime, Friendship is Magic put together a surprisingly strong stable (heh) of villains. Or at least I really like them overall.
DM: Celestia goes on to explain:
Princess Celestia: A group of mostly unicorns were their first target. Taking them by surprise, Tirek was able to drain all of their magic at once. No Cutie Marks, no destiny, no power to stop him.
Twilight Sparkle: And he can just DO that? Nopony can resist it?
Princess Celestia: What he’s using is a forbidden arcane art, a lost secret that only he knows now. It can be resisted, but if he surprises or overpowers you, there’s not much that can be done. That’s what makes his partnership with Discord so worrying. Discord is using his power over physical space to move Tirek to new targets faster than we can react to their attacks. By the time any of us come face-to-face with Tirek, he will have absorbed a large fraction of Equestria’s combined power.
Rarity: So we’ve traded one apocalypse for another. Marvelous.
safe1916962 artist:newbiespud1588 edit151749 edited screencap76857 screencap250834 beaude mane107 blues1092 bon bon17608 bruce mane211 carrot top5833 coco crusoe712 comet tail922 dark moon270 derpy hooves53265 discord34115 eclair créme265 fine line267 gala appleby160 golden harvest5833 graphite270 jangles208 lemon hearts2379 lord tirek5766 lyra heartstrings31708 masquerade274 maxie266 neon lights958 noteworthy1093 orion337 perfect pace340 perfect pie154 pokey pierce1458 ponet463 rarity199158 red gala206 rising star956 sea swirl1782 seafoam1782 shooting star (character)335 star bright220 sweetie drops17608 twilight sparkle326668 twinkleshine2486 alicorn264005 centaur4047 draconequus16012 pony1264670 unicorn419106 taur1552 comic:friendship is dragons1775 twilight's kingdom3362 apple family member3185 background pony audience397 comic120794 evil grin5279 female1552607 grin49935 magic83604 male441009 mare587032 nose piercing3318 nose ring2546 piercing51172 screencap comic5182 smiling314810 stallion140837


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