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The sun and the moon.

safe2154576 artist:notsosmartsmarty21 izzy moonbow21073 princess celestia111841 princess luna116283 sunny starscout20904 alicorn310155 pony1582541 unicorn528878 g573201 spoiler:g532072 artificial alicorn528 artificial horn648 artificial wings2963 augmented4208 clothes625697 cosplay32799 costume38794 crown29427 duo164539 fake wings1110 female1781306 full body7549 giggling1190 grin62005 hoof shoes9380 horn179117 jewelry110761 magic95555 magic horn575 magic wings1452 mare728346 multicolored hair11485 open mouth233121 open smile29436 peytral7177 race swap21264 rainbow hair4667 raised hoof68481 regalia35739 simple background585642 smiling389966 sunnycorn1812 wings217023


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Background Pony #A520
I await the coming of Nightmare Moonbow. That’s probably Goth Izzy with a helmet.