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I dare someone to try and tag all these ships….
safe1576650 artist:ciscoql89 angel bunny9385 apple bloom46570 applejack158932 berry punch6103 berryshine6093 big macintosh26879 bloomberg143 blues911 bon bon15647 braeburn6105 caramel2356 carrot cake2027 carrot top5151 cheerilee9361 cranky doodle donkey914 cup cake3748 daisy2219 daring do6074 derpy hooves48259 diamond tiara9676 dinky hooves4258 discord28712 dj pon-328129 doctor whooves10088 fancypants1775 fleur-de-lis3335 flim2142 fluttershy197906 gilda9110 golden harvest5151 goldengrape592 granny smith4986 gummy4846 hoity toity952 little strongheart739 lyra heartstrings28000 madame leflour399 matilda462 mayor mare3057 minuette5362 mr. turnip238 nightmare moon16067 noteworthy912 nurse redheart3268 octavia melody22513 opalescence1984 owlowiscious1915 philomena1027 photo finish2523 pinkie pie203351 pipsqueak2707 prince blueblood3843 princess celestia90061 princess luna94023 rainbow dash219490 rarity169810 scootaloo49197 shining armor21779 silver spoon6225 sir colton vines iii592 smarty pants1471 snails5141 snips3998 soarin'13333 spike74876 spitfire12792 steven magnet557 sweetie belle46679 sweetie drops15647 time turner10073 tom863 trixie62195 truffle shuffle415 twilight sparkle282888 twist2798 vinyl scratch32225 winona2443 zecora8793 alicorn195519 donkey1596 dragon48225 earth pony199441 griffon24894 pegasus239939 pony846569 unicorn266628 zebra15762 age difference2146 applecest1898 applecora31 appledash5360 applemac1037 applespike766 artifact1061 berrygate87 bisexual4959 braeheart130 braemac384 braepie38 carajack385 cargo ship513 celestimac61 challenge accepted62 chart838 cheerilight115 cheerimac785 crack shipping3511 crankilda130 cutie mark crusaders17896 daisygrape50 daringdash131 derpyburn14 derpydash153 derpymac60 dinkysqueak89 discolight348 discopie474 dislestia1425 doctorderpy1405 doctwi45 everypony358 female900190 flarity1462 flutterdash4325 flutterlestia69 fluttermac2652 flutterpie1371 flutterspike521 gay25266 gildapie80 gildash336 gildashy108 glixie27 grannytosh8 hoitymac27 incest12378 infidelity5341 interspecies20689 lesbian92249 lunadash76 lunajack108 lunamac269 lunapip247 lunashy274 luxie150 lyrabon3095 lyramac13 macora110 male305837 mane seven5902 mane six29464 meta16070 pansexual149 philowiscious3 pinkiedash3238 pinkielestia58 pinkielight3 pinkiespike407 princest2008 rainbowmac466 rainbowspike499 rariblood151 raridash1838 rarijack6623 rarilight1835 rarimac427 raripants271 raritom53 rockcon108 scootabelle476 scootabloom246 scootapie22 scratchtavia2827 selfcest2583 shiningsparkle1388 shipping184147 shipping chart106 shycora39 silverbelle100 smartymac36 soarindash4573 soarinfire569 sparity6299 spikebelle708 spikebloom421 straight121762 sweet celestia8 sweetiebloom300 sweetiesqueak71 tomberg5 trixmac67 twiblood93 twicest1044 twidash4990 twijack1071 twilestia2491 twiluna1596 twimac430 twinkie1711 twishy1198 twispike1626 twitavia17 twixie4894 wall of tags2315 zecobloom35


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125 comments posted
Background Pony #10A4
…Seriously? Tom and… Bloomberg? I mean, at least Turnip and LeFlour is…
…Nope, stopping right there, not trying to offend anyone, dropping that topic right here.
@Background Pony #1075
Actually, The Cakes are canon, since, y'know, they're married with kids…

Dont forget Cranky and Matilda!
Frustration in Excelsis
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It's an old chart — it was posted on DA in April 2012, whereas "Keep Calm and Flutter On" aired in January 2013. At that time, Discord wouldn't have had much more of a link to Fluttershy than to any other member of the main six. In a way, it's a rather fascinating look into the early fandom, or at least the fandom as it was by the end of Season 2!

You know what bothers me about this chart? The lack of Fluttercord. I've searched and squinted and I don't see a line connecting Fluttershy and Discord once.
Background Pony #F0D3
daringdash is cool. Rainbow dash knows that daring do is real and believes in her stories she is the only one who believes in daring do. But quibble pants don't believe in their stories nor believe that daring is real. They are both fans but they are different and they are not true loves they just are friends. Rainbow dash is not in love with anyone and there is no one like her more than daring do.
Background Pony #F0D3
SoarinDash and Flashlight are not canonical. appear on the screen but are not canonical. rainbow dash no have boyfriend nor twilight neither

Derpiboo shipping tag charts as of January 2017:

1. Sparity
2. Rarijack
3. AppleDash
4. TwiDash
5. SoarinDash
6. FlutterDash
7. Twixie
8. PinkieDash
9. LyraBon
10. FlutterMac

Twilestia and Scratchtavia fell just a little too short.
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@Background Pony #1B9B
If you are referring to why Twidash, Sunsetsparkle and Rarijack are better than SoarinDash and Flashlight (ESPECIALLY FLASHLIGHT), it comes down to the other character. Flash pony is a freaking nothing character with, like, 2 lines of dialogue, only one of which is directed at Twilight. Heck, Twilight has never talked to him.
Soarin was shipped with Rainbow during the time soarin was nothing more than, 'my pie!!!',which makes it completely devoid of character.
Shipping Sunset and Twilight together, or Rarity and Applejack is a no brainer since they have SO much screen time and dialogue together. Twidash is a little bit less, but still follows the same principle.
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

A few things.

It ships the two most popular characters with each other, a common thing in any fandom.
Second, Twilight do have really good exchanges, and their episodes together are really fun, so I can u understand it. Third, it's nearly a classic/cliche, 'Nerd and Jock fall for each other', so as a Rarijack shipper, I can totally see the appeal since Rarijack is cliche, 'city and country'.
Of course, Rainbow isn't a Jock, and Rarity isn't a city girl, but the similarities are there.

One more thing. Twidash is high tier, but it currently isn't bigger than Rarijack, and that isn't as big as sparity. One nice thing to note is that Sparity has always been leagues ahead, usually over a thousand images bigger than Rarijack. Now it's only 700.

Now, while I much prefer Sunsetsparkle to Twidash, both are very good :)
Both are a Hell of a lot better than SoarinDash and Flashlight
Luna's Light

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WTF who ships Twidash and why is that the biggest one? It's not even a good opposites pairing like Aj & rarity. The only unique bond between them is books, primarily daring doo. W/e, not a big RD fan myself.
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All these comments and all these tags….and you people forgot the second biggest ship on the site….

Rarijack tag added.