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safe1918010 artist:dandy349 applejack184696 earth pony338215 anthro304321 unguligrade anthro56387 arm behind head8110 belt7348 belt buckle370 boots27143 breasts328999 busty applejack12073 chest fluff50532 cleavage39641 clothes539935 cowboy boots2042 cowboy hat20942 denim645 ear fluff39554 female1553577 freckles34735 green eyes6411 grin49980 hair tie1160 hat104027 jeans5143 looking at you207144 one eye closed38405 pants18021 rope13700 shoes47084 smiling315062 smirk15187 solo1224897 stetson5352 stupid sexy applejack848 tanktop9285 wink28862


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Hellooooooo, Applejack! She’s both stunning and adorable! I love it!
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