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Celebrating 20K followers on Twitter
safe1948190 artist:witchtaunter722 lyra heartstrings31948 pony1298164 unicorn435014 bed49290 celebration306 chest fluff52091 comic122548 curtains3148 cute232370 ear fluff40611 faic13712 female1581330 floppy ears63568 funny4785 glowing11512 glowing horn24801 high res84305 horn112911 l.u.l.s.361 magic85260 mare605243 milestone967 screaming4237 solo1247689 speech bubble31072 squint589 stretching2732 telekinesis33546 waking up958 yawn1588 yelling3752


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Background Pony #F8EC
Is it really possible to get 20K followers on Twitter? My drawing Twitter account can’t barely get 10. (5 now)