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suggestive173392 artist:charliexe443 kotobukiya1205 sunset shimmer72782 human204393 equestria girls234342 aphrodisiac274 belly button96003 black bra280 blushing239334 bra19328 breasts344294 clothes560741 cute236876 eyebrows15486 female1606631 grin53131 kotobukiya sunset shimmer60 looking at you217854 midriff21822 shimmerbetes4898 signature35211 smiling332317 smiling at you14299 smirk15926 solo1271238 solo female207999 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1268 underwear70980 undressing5975


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Background Pony #A1BF
This is great, but to ensure sunset stays safe, you need to add she’d only have a heightened attraction to whoever she’s in love with, and remains in control of herself, and the same with fluttershy. I wonder who they’d go for?
Background Pony #C722