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Uploaded by Background Pony #4BCF
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suggestive170553 artist:mhdrawin34 princess celestia104227 princess luna108375 alicorn270132 anthro310486 bedroom eyes71277 big breasts104310 black and white15252 blushing235178 breasts336522 busty princess celestia12059 busty princess luna8365 chubby15224 cleavage40351 clothes550616 dialogue78762 duo107656 duo female18866 female1581549 grayscale43614 huge breasts48335 impossibly large breasts20197 looking at you212862 mare605363 monochrome162783 plump7940 royal sisters5515 siblings14442 simple background491491 sisters12619 sweat32982 talking to viewer4144 thighs21444 thunder thighs12043 toga296 white background127061 wide hips23788


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I guess since there’s no indication or tag that says she’s drunk in this, I guess Celestia is just this thirsty…