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dead source33347 suggestive170553 artist:undeadcashew18 starlight glimmer54757 pony1298345 unicorn435108 both cutie marks12374 butt171804 butt focus394 dock60903 featureless crotch8035 female1581553 glimmer glutes2002 head out of frame809 large butt24862 mare605366 plot111812 solo1247843 solo female204610 stuck3250 tail62492 tail aside2995 trixie's wagon1224 underhoof60981 wagon1129


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Background Pony #6750
Depending on whether Trixie’s in her wagon or out, this would make for quite the interesting conversation, lol.
“Uhh, hi, Trixie.”
“What in Equestria are you doing?”
“I just came by to visit. The door wouldn’t budge, so I thought I’d try the window.”
“Are you stuck?”
“What? Noooo. I’m just…resting.”
“Resting. In my window.”
“Well, if you are resting, you’re pretty snug in there. I didn’t realize you’d put on so much weight.”
“Hey, I’m not that big! This window’s just…a little small, that’s all! I bet you’d get stuck, too!”
“I thought you were ‘resting’, not stuck.”
“…Oh. Right.”