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Rainbow Dash Facing a Powerful Foe
I’ve got this Idea for a while now, it started out as a sketch for Rainbow Dash until I eventually started working on the full art!
This art took me: from 4-7 hours? I don’t know, since I am doing University and working, my days have been really rushed, usually I drew 5-10 minutes a day, (safe from weekends, where I invested more time) and it took me 3 weeks to finish, soo I think it’s around that time!

safe2116915 artist:ermecg32 cozy glow9306 rainbow dash272770 smooze684 alicorn302561 pegasus471009 g41925755 alicornified7256 angry35503 chaos1481 chocolate4322 chocolate rain444 cozycorn867 discorded landscape341 duo156273 evil3767 evil grin6172 food97156 giant demon alicorn cozy glow99 grin59941 magic93700 magic aura8451 race swap20447 rain7656 shading3850 smiling376364


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