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Page 1729 - Dastardly Inglorious
13th Aug 2022, 6:00 AM in What About Discord?
Remember, children, warmongering is never as fun as you imagine it in your head.
Oh dang, I turn 30 years old this Monday. …Guess I’ll stream something on my Twitch channel, I dunno.
DM: Tirek pauses as you make your ultimatum clear. After a few moments, he breaks away and heads back towards the throne room.
Discord GM: Do I get a sense of what he is thinking or planning to do?
DM: From the way his face fell at that “statue’s laughter” line, you get the sense that he’s thinking of a way to appease you.
Discord GM: Exxxcellent…!
DM: When you catch up to Tirek again, he’s sitting on Celestia’s throne, gloating to the three de-powered alicorns.
Discord GM: Aww, did someone need to make themselves feel better?
DM: Most probably.
Tirek: Getting rid of your magic so that I cannot take it from you? THAT was your plan?!
DM: The alicorns are, of course, defiantly silent.
Tirek: <sigh> A thousand years dreaming of glorious warfare… Instead, from all sides, I am beset by childish nuisances.
safe1945916 artist:newbiespud1614 edit154438 edited screencap78630 screencap257314 discord34511 lord tirek5802 princess cadance36371 princess celestia104148 princess luna108299 alicorn269731 centaur4094 draconequus16494 pony1295619 taur1618 comic:friendship is dragons1801 twilight's kingdom3399 comic122434 dialogue78618 female1579227 horns8485 indoors4952 male450551 mare603884 screencap comic5260 throne3686


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