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Pharynx isn’t exactly a Prince with proper manners, but he really is trying! that’s what happens when thorax drags him along for royal balls against his will . despite all that though, him and skystar did end up kinda getting along for the rest of the night so yay?
(I need to go back to studying now  )
safe1947773 artist:sockiepuppetry202 pharynx1197 princess skystar2314 rain shine541 changedling10300 changeling57642 classical hippogriff5944 hippogriff12021 kirin12146 my little pony: the movie20584 biting4510 blushing235053 bowtie12473 choker16985 chomp35 clothes550373 comic122533 dress52903 eyes closed118206 fangs32560 female1580969 male451306 open mouth193479 pain2366 pants18425 prince pharynx899 raised hoof58687 screaming4237 shirt31746 suit7422 trio15971 tuxedo1625


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Background Pony #3566
Skystar: hey thorax, uh your brother bit me..
Thorax: he WHAT?!
Thorax: skystar I’m soo sorry!! Please don’t -
Skystar: so is that like his way of flirting or something?
Thorax:-yeah sure.. Let’s um.. Go with that––