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Zecora tells her faithful student about the first time she tried to make potions under the tutelage of her mother.
Commission excerpt from FimFic’s Turmoil Rising.
safe1944598 artist:fly-sky-high21 apple bloom55802 zecora10337 oc822194 butterfly8325 earth pony350033 pony1294173 zebra20707 fanfic:turmoil rising10 burnt185 cauldron1362 child2245 cute231724 female1577965 fimfiction642 mother and child3875 mother and daughter6930 neck rings1214 ponyville6797 potion2592 potion making48 shaman126 tribal679 zebra oc4394 zecorable235


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I love the idea of Zecora telling AB about her own misfortunes in making potions. Honestly wish that the actual show had more these two together.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

…for some reason, I started picturing filly Zecora acting like pre-cutie mark Applebloom, complete with the ‘Try EVERYTHING!’ attitude.
Now, to actually start reading the mentioned story…