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Sweet Buttercream! She looks a bit evil, but she’s not lolll, she likes baking, magic(though she’s an earth pony) and is good friends with Lyra and Starlight. She’s also totally gay for Twi but shhh, ship art coming later ;3
safe1947664 oc824092 oc only606285 oc:sweet buttercream1 earth pony351563 pony1297647 >:)269 >:p18 abstract background20335 bags under eyes2484 bracelet12488 bust65844 cape12654 checkered bracelet1 checkers60 chest fluff52049 clothes550295 colored hooves8656 ear fluff40580 ear piercing34798 earring26702 earth pony oc17776 eye clipping through hair10603 female1580832 frog (hoof)17133 hair bun4215 jewelry88868 lineart23258 looking at you212698 multicolored hair8657 not roseluck25 not trixie137 piercing52361 pointing4917 raised eyebrow7773 raised hoof58681 regalia28961 smiling324001 smirk15548 solo1247233 stars19546 sun8000 tongue out126424 underhoof60953 unshorn fetlocks35040 watermark20585


not provided yet


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