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Sweet Buttercream! She looks a bit evil, but she’s not lolll, she likes baking, magic(though she’s an earth pony) and is good friends with Lyra and Starlight. She’s also totally gay for Twi but shhh, ship art coming later ;3

safe2115260 artist:4agonism70 oc915393 oc only665662 oc:sweet buttercream1 earth pony421711 pony1475945 >:)297 >:p20 abstract background22926 bags under eyes2992 bracelet14743 bust74711 cape14027 checkered bracelet1 checkers64 chest fluff61639 clothes610531 colored hooves10838 ear fluff47326 ear piercing41188 earring30943 earth pony oc24315 eye clipping through hair13142 female1736916 frog (hoof)19248 hair bun5045 jewelry106473 lineart24129 looking at you245663 multicolored hair10801 not roseluck28 not trixie177 piercing60704 pointing5521 raised eyebrow9234 raised hoof66482 regalia34577 smiling375781 smirk17484 solo1379648 stars22286 sun8910 tongue out141234 underhoof66540 unshorn fetlocks43043 watermark23033


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