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So some 4chan chuds are trying to mass produce a plushie of their favourite fascist mascot pony OC, and half of pony twitter has been talking about it for the last few days. Someone then suggested that we need more antifascist pony art to counterbalance the amount of pro-fash art of that particular dogwhistle horse. So I made this, Aunt Eva! The pun works best in an American accent, but I’m sure it’s not hard to get regardless.
So yeah, if you feel like making anti-nazi pony art, here’s an OC for you to use!


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Yeah but doctor Jones went to Africa in the 1940 where the afrika corps was. They literally have the armbands on. Its clear though its more “if you disagree with me your a fascist” and well… starts to look more sinister.
Background Pony #684E
The only way to beat being a nazi is by acting like one and terrorize people. My big brain is just throbbing right now.
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So. This character was created, or at least put on DeviantArt, July 21, 2022. No more than three days later, people created and uploaded to Derpibooru two inappropriately explicit images of her - and by inappropriately explicit, I mean one with literal Nazi pony and one with Donald Trump pony. Disappointing, but unsurprising.
What’s still disappointing, but slightly more surprising, is that it took four months for this image to go up here. I’m not sure what that says, but I feel it says something.
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A little too on the nose, but I guess she’s cute. She looks like the type of pony who awkwardly brings up politics at the dinner table and then wonders why everyone is glaring at her.
Still, good luck with her I guess and you do you. I wonder what the other two pictures are under her ta––