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“Tonight on TheCrimsonSpark!”

(By the way if I haven’t already established that Aiexos and Desert are a couple on Derpi, yeah they are a couple)
Original Description from DA:
Just in case the pages are hard to read (sorry in advance, I did my best) here’s all the individual comic panels as well as all the progress:
Anyway, so what in the hell is this?
I never really indulge my characters in memes, but I think I probably should. Particularly Bri’ish memes like the Top Gear intro, which this is riffing on. Hopefully that was self evident.
Top Gear is lightning in a bottle by the way, and I will not have its holiest name besmerched by nobody.
Listen I know there’s two mute jokes in one comic, and I’m sorry I don’t mean to be so mean to Sillie lol. I did try to make one of em at least more of Alburke’s problem. I do love the implications of the second page tho XD “Hmmm, this mare hasn’t spoken to me in the entire time I’ve known her. I must take her to the smart one, she can fix this!”
The last page is me sort of testing what Desert’s style of humour could be like. I think he suits a more dry type of comedy, pardon the pun.
Or don’t pardon it, see if I care.
safe1973287 artist:thecrimsonspark23 oc837575 oc only615223 oc:aiexos13 oc:alburke fallstorm5 oc:desert sun9 oc:ember sparks12 oc:murky silentium10 bird11559 eagle394 earth pony362310 pegasus407476 pony1325359 unicorn447271 amputee5615 artificial wings2400 augmented3498 comic123987 flying47464 funny4858 holding a pony3794 mechanical wing729 meme88907 prosthetic limb3656 prosthetics4306 sitting78791 traditional art131270 wings175484


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