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safe2117875 artist:strategypony247 sunny starscout18876 earth pony423174 pony1479049 g566048 absurd resolution66072 bipedal47609 dust526 earth pony crystal229 eyepatch3840 female1739479 frown34057 glowing17284 glowing eyes14861 holding5094 hoof hold12302 mare703112 metal gear1275 metal gear rising344 raiden168 solo1381773 sword14485 weapon40015 windswept mane3525


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Goodbye guys ;)
I responded to this in PM but I don’t get your huge issue with it…oh well it’s ok. :(
I’m not going to rag on too much because this is the comment section but that whole β€œgood riddance” clause made me honestly lose a little bit of respect for you, unfortunately. I know we won’t always agree on everything but come on man D: ok I’m done
Deleted PM conversation because I don’t want to be constantly deflated by it. If you respond again please respond here, not in PM.
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Non-Fungible Trixie -
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Sunny Starscout fan
It should be noted that, of those 3 million images that you mentioned, only 1,381,997 of them are visible to me. Not that I don’t believe you with that milestone, but it shows that I have 54% of all images on the site blocked.
To me that shows that there are a lot of bad images among the 3 million here…
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