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Quacky by ~iamcommando13, 2012-12-04T03:25:39Z
But it’s so much fun!
Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve vectored either of Applejack or Derpy. The whole thing took me a while because I was procrastinating.
Done in Inkscape. The SVG is here: [link]
Tell me if something looks wrong please.
More comics coming! I’ll try to make them more frequently.
ADDENDUM: Featured on Equestria Daily! SQUEE :iconpinkieisexcitedplz:
safe1971556 artist:iamcommando1316 applejack187791 derpy hooves54008 rainbow dash259318 bird11530 duck1404 earth pony361461 pegasus406638 pony1323409 20121336 behaving like a duck97 bench3207 comic123863 derpy being derpy206 duckling213 facehoof1922 female1603295 high res86689 mare618326 quack247 scrunchy face7842 thumbnail is a stick394


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Howdy 4 All
Dash, Ditzy IS doing something! She’s integrating herself into the flock so she can better study them.
I mean, how else can she properly learn about the majestic Saddle Arabian Sea Duck?