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dead source19124 suggestive125893 artist:garam179 spike73937 twilight sparkle278949 anthro225340 unicorn255892 ass41066 bent over2710 blue mane624 book30029 bookshelf2974 breasts233996 busty twilight sparkle10331 butt24338 clothes399572 cute173101 cutie mark39439 female875242 horn40156 implied spike660 indoors1746 jeans3176 long mane2820 looking back47879 multicolored mane786 pants11796 pink mane610 purple mane379 raised tail12991 shirt20506 solo957630 solo female166380 tail18322 the ass was fat12280 thighlight sparkle474 thighs7540 thunder thighs6148 twiabetes9851 twibutt4336 unicorn twilight11882 watch1158 wristwatch391


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With the trend of skinny jeans had twilight wonder if she was to be showing camel toe through her pants when on the lower shelf a book with the cover of spike was to have the view of camel toe.
Background Pony #4A0F
What happened to that clopfic on fimfiction titled “Pounding the Purple Plot” that used this as a cover?
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Background Pony #FF03
Me:Oh uuuh..twilight is thee a book of…I don't k-know uhhh…
Twilight:It's ok I'll find a book for you.(walk's to the bookshelf)Let's see..
Me:Uuuuuh T-twilight.
Twilight:Yes (look's behind)Oh!
Twilight:I'm so so sorry!
Me:O///O It's ok T-twilight.