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Pi Day 2023!
Here I baked you all… 4 DELICIOUS CHIBI PIES! (just don’t keel over, ok?)

I MEANT to upload this on March 14 (Pi Day), but like an idiot, I forgot to do that after sharing its preview over on my Discord server. (Still, enjoy this 11-day-late pic of our Pi Day Pie Sisters!)
safe2038107 artist:rupertbluefox291 limestone pie5797 marble pie7733 maud pie14253 pinkie pie243572 earth pony387570 pony1391129 belly button99392 chibi17234 chubby15984 cute244899 diapinkes11845 female1658298 lidded eyes41581 limabetes292 marblebetes762 mare650761 maudabetes533 messy2578 no mouth665 no pupils5384 pi193 pi day136 pie crust1 pie sisters1463 pie tin88 pinpoint eyes1232 pointy legs78 siblings17129 sisters14530 standing19841 standing on one leg1170 this will end in colic60 tongue out134061


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