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I mean… why not? ( And this is just AU anyway )

safe2152822 artist:djkaskan168 misty brightdawn8106 opaline arcana3079 twilight sparkle354481 alicorn309747 pony1580777 unicorn528033 g42005149 g572845 the last problem7989 spoiler:g531871 alternate universe12804 blushing268622 coat markings12785 confused6603 crown29368 curved horn11046 dialogue90965 eyes closed136873 female1779300 freckles42903 frown35464 high res406040 horn178372 jewelry110551 looking at someone14922 looking away5461 looking down14332 mare727280 misty riding opaline4 mother and child5847 mother and daughter8218 older38651 older twilight3308 opaline arcana is twilight's daughter2 open mouth232724 open smile29255 outline2347 partially open wings1924 peytral7154 princess twilight 2.03747 raised hoof68398 regalia35668 simple background584865 sitting90659 smiling389256 socks (coat markings)7704 sparkles8671 speech bubble38071 trio25294 trio female5348 turned head1844 twilight sparkle (alicorn)147930 unshorn fetlocks45075 wings216456


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Background Pony #706C
But what about Misty being a descendant of Twilight? Opaline would be raising her enemy’s future.