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“Cake Defense”
I headcanon that a dreamcatcher to Luna has the same effects a cross would on a vampire.
(I told you I’d make up for the dry wasteland of my canonical content.)

safe2153420 artist:chopsticks738 princess celestia111795 princess luna116259 alicorn309894 pony1581336 g42006512 angry36245 cake12746 cakelestia1320 cheek fluff9191 chest fluff63863 concave belly3438 crown29401 dialogue91008 dreamcatcher232 duo164185 duo female29482 ethereal mane13154 ethereal tail2017 female1780180 floppy ears71868 food99906 glowing18381 glowing horn28703 gritted teeth19090 height difference2134 hissing551 hoof shoes9364 horn178502 jewelry110639 jumping4539 looking at each other33507 looking at someone14945 magic95473 mare727626 peytral7165 plate2700 princess shoes1016 raised hoof68430 regalia35707 royal sisters6567 sibling rivalry209 siblings21167 sisters17559 spread wings91805 tail95646 teeth21028 telekinesis38556 text87809 that pony sure does love cakes91 threatening514 unshorn fetlocks45112 wings216662 yelling4254


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