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safe2154202 artist:luminousdazzle404 misty brightdawn8254 pony1582122 unicorn528664 g573161 alternate mane color86 bracelet15302 cornrows383 cute263218 daaaaaaaaaaaw6909 eyes closed137029 female1780897 freckles42975 friendship bracelet820 gradient hooves1247 gradient horn306 grass15018 grin61980 happy43874 hnnng2742 hooves to the chest849 horn178825 jewelry110721 lying4578 lying down44657 lying in grass115 mare728131 mistybetes1124 on back33545 rebirth misty3649 signature42633 smiling389820 solo1409623 unshorn fetlocks45165 weapons-grade cute4629 wholesome1358


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MYM Chapter 2 minor spoiler
When they ask for her last name in the sleepover episode, she panics and comes up with “Brightdawn” while looking at the Brighthouse
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Go fsck yourself
This is how she defeats enemies: massive epidemics of cardiac arrests. Only downside is the high number of friendly casualties. But it’s a price they’re willing to risk.
Background Pony #6FEF
@Background Pony #E455
That’s okay. Changes always happen. But you are free to not like them. That same thing happened with alicorn Twilight. Some people hated it, some ‘quit’ because of it, other loved it, and some still hate it so much to this day that they even edit screencaps to remove Twilight’s wings.
Background Pony #E455
Beautiful . But I don’t think I can get used to the new colors. I wish it was temporary and we could see her previous colors as well.