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Pancake and Suncake
And the last one for today - I made a rework of one of my very first art. It turned out pretty interesting.

suggestive185572 artist:kelkessel67 princess celestia110450 alicorn303132 anthro346381 g41934310 apron5644 big breasts120124 breakfast463 breast grab9673 breasts376547 busty princess celestia13365 cleavage44910 clothes612330 cookie4866 cooking1387 female1746223 food97413 frying pan397 grope18505 heart71968 hips4523 jewelry107266 legs11382 lidded eyes45269 looking at you246646 naked apron1292 one eye covered148 pancakes1697 partial nudity28092 regalia34849 simple background569942 sleeveless8266 smiling377617 solo1383262 solo female225484 spatula232 white background152114 wide hips28406


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Background Pony #548A
Beautiful. I would love to have her as either my mother or my wife.
Maybe both?