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safe2152843 hitch trailblazer13543 izzy moonbow21004 misty brightdawn8106 pipp petals20424 sunny starscout20789 zipp storm16416 earth pony437265 pegasus487311 pony1580784 unicorn528036 2024 franchise overview53 g572853 my little pony: tell your tale24581 official11900 bag9364 bracelet15275 coat markings12785 diadem478 female1779309 fluttershy's cutie mark550 freckles42903 friendship bracelet816 gradient mane2495 grin61910 headband5493 hoof heart1991 jewelry110552 looking at you254201 male542394 mane five4099 mane six (g5)910 mane stripe sunny7328 mare727285 open mouth232727 open smile29256 pale belly2959 raised hoof68398 rebirth misty3504 regalia35668 saddle bag8112 sash679 simple background584873 smiling389260 smiling at you23648 socks (coat markings)7704 stallion191407 standing24013 transparent background280926 twilight sparkle's cutie mark653 underhoof67917 unshorn fetlocks45075


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Badge Dragon
I do like Misty’s new hair, but watching the new ep I finally felt that weird contrast between her eye color and the new mane color.
Is this what its like when people complain about Sonic’s green eyes