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Bright dawn

safe2120067 artist:petaltwinkle838 misty brightdawn6696 bunnycorn365 pony1548998 rabbit8488 unicorn513388 g566749 age progression869 cute257520 ears back3707 fake cutie mark939 female1746374 filly93928 filly misty brightdawn198 floppy ears70511 frown34216 gradient horn264 heart71976 heart eyes28050 height difference1974 hoof hold12336 horn173298 jewelry107279 long horn1148 mare708113 medallion877 mistybetes810 necklace30745 older37823 pale belly2755 physique difference416 plushie30134 progression155 raised hoof66698 rebirth misty2467 reflection4515 signature41544 smiling377665 solo1383380 sparkly mane839 starry tail837 tail89570 unshorn fetlocks43332 wingding eyes37334 younger22260


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Background Pony #523E
Also can you believe that she couldn’t use unicorn magic until she got her cutie mark. That’s never happened before in the old days.