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safe2119635 artist:leopardsnaps62 misty brightdawn6684 sprout cloverleaf2360 earth pony424003 pony1548591 unicorn513184 g566668 cuddling10387 duo156839 duo male and female4404 female1745901 implied opaline arcana93 laughing10700 lying down41909 lying on top of someone553 male529983 mare707801 mistyclover18 mocking291 shipping246057 stallion184515 straight172493 text85563 wholesome1248


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Background Pony #44FA
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@Background Pony #2ED4
theres already some parallels between misty and glimmy; mostly being the “evil” pony who turned good and joined the mane 6 late, so itd also be fitting for misty to have her own great and powerful friend that nopony else really approves of
Background Pony #2ED4
This would make a nice arc for Misty.
If she makes a genuine friend with a pony that the Mane 5 don’t like, and she would be torn because she would be afraid that this friendship would make others not want to be friends with her anymore.
Background Pony #94DE
Honestly, if Misty was the key on an hypothetical Sprout redemption this could actually be a cute ship
Blaze Writer

#1 Lightning Chill Stan
“Opaline made me run 50 laps around the castle, because I said she was cringe.”
I’m surprised she let you off THAT easily