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Deviantart Description:
in love with this bean

safe2153123 artist:gihhbloonde686 oc935776 oc only679492 unnamed oc3341 dracony8925 dragon84139 hybrid30801 adoptable3118 closed mouth1303 colored wings13648 curved horn11051 dracony alicorn115 dracony oc182 dragon wings1199 female1779805 gradient mane2497 gradient tail1054 gradient wings1741 horn178428 interspecies offspring9832 lightly watermarked636 long tail4849 magenta eyes484 magical lesbian spawn15443 mare727460 multiple horns682 offspring49841 pale belly2961 parent:princess ember444 parent:twilight sparkle10262 parents:emberlight11 raised hoof68408 simple background585023 slit pupils7414 smiling389356 solo1408847 sparkly wings401 spread wings91762 standing24025 tail95541 transparent background280963 watermark23609 wings216559


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