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“Can you please take this seriously? This is a serious matter.”
Name: Crystal Shield
Nicknames: Crystal
Species: Alicorn
Gender: Mare
Pronouns: She/Her
Parents: Empress Cadence and Emperor Shining Armor
Sibling(s): Flurry Heart
Sexuality: Lesbian
Lover: Comet Flare
Occupation: Princess/Royal Guard
Special Talent: Protects the Empire with all that she has
Place of Birth: Crystal Empire
Date of Birth/Sign: August 26, Virgo
Place of Residence: Crystal Empire
Cutie Mark: Cutie Mark
Voice: Voice
Personality/Background: Crystal is a very follow the rules type of mare. Every since she was a foal she wanted to be a guard just like her father and protect everyone. She will someday take over his place as Captain of the Empire’s guard. She takes pride in protecting her family and citizens from the harsh snow storms, to Wendigo’s themselves if need be. She tries not to have her serious side take over, but some ponies test her and push her to her limits.
Fun Facts: She is more on the protective side and leaves the political matters to her sister. It’s not that she doesn’t want to contribute, Flurry does come to her for her opinons, but she trusts her sister to make the right call. When she graduated from camp Shining couldn’t help but cry from sheer joy embarrassing her.

safe2153124 artist:pastelnightyt202 oc935776 oc only679492 oc:crystal shield15 alicorn309810 pony1581063 alicorn oc36140 armor30790 closed mouth1303 colored horn1455 colored wings13648 colored wingtips2587 concave belly3405 facial markings5720 female1779814 fetlock tuft326 folded wings18809 frown35477 gradient legs377 gradient wings1741 hoof shoes9357 horn178428 lavender eyes23 leonine tail13706 lidded eyes46716 light blue background250 lightly watermarked636 long feather184 long fetlocks50 mare727460 mealy mouth (coat marking)188 multicolored wings5336 offspring49841 parent:princess cadance2165 parent:shining armor1895 parents:shiningcadance1233 princess shoes1012 purple eyes5681 simple background585023 slender5029 solo1408848 standing24025 tail95541 tail feathers1304 tail fluff412 thin7861 unshorn fetlocks45090 watermark23609 wings216559


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