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Background Pony #856E
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@Background Pony

Personally, I’m sick of every damn submeme from this fandom. No matter where you go you’re constantly plagued by Derpy’s muffin obsession, 20% cooler, Rarity’s "it is on", orbital friendship cannon, gak, "Scootaloo is a chickun durrr", "Sweetie Belle is a dictionary durrrr", x is best pony, "fluttershy is a tree durrr", scrunchy faces, various exploitables (including, but not limited to screaming humanized Twilight, bad pun Cheerilee, "nature is so fascinating, Sombra’s mirror, human world mirror, x holding a television/gameset/computer) and many, many more.

Sorry for posting this, but I’m just a little tired of seeing all this crap everywhere. It just doesn’t pertain to Derpibooru, it’s every bloody place on the internet.
Background Pony #9223
Well, in the show, "20% cooler" was a gag about Rainbow Dash’s less-than-helpful advice to Rarity, and how vague it was. In memes, it’s almost always played straight.

Beyond that, it doesn’t bug me, personally.
Background Pony #E8A2
There isn’t really a single meme out there that isn’t forced. And memes are the least forced things and least bothersome tbh, people yelling #SWAG and #YOLO is what really sucks.

And the Brony fandom has their own issue, awswell: BEST PONY, 20%COOLER HURHUR ORIGINAL HUR MY JOKE IS 20% FUNIER HUEHUE, or, my personaly most hated: FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS, and pretty much everything else Rarity says, because just about every band waggon jumping Brony will spam almost every line she’s ever fucking had into your ear and say if you don’t love it then best pony hates you.

Uagh, I remember when Bronies were mature.