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safe2153066 artist:egophiliac2183 princess luna116235 oc935736 oc:frolicsome meadowlark291 oc:sunshine smiles (egophiliac)310 alicorn309789 bat pony73635 pony1580994 moonstuck1250 g42006136 :o6582 :p14109 :t4425 angry36236 brothers1523 chips1048 clothes625101 comic134036 eating13178 fangs39188 female1779741 fight7378 floppy ears71846 food99883 frown35469 glare9010 gritted teeth19087 hitting246 levitation16050 looking back84841 magic95454 male542501 mare727421 mouth hold23481 night guard2262 one eye closed44978 open mouth232760 pointing5656 potato chips226 puffy cheeks5084 question mark6592 raised hoof68407 rearing7477 sitting90679 slapping196 smiling389331 smirk17907 socks93837 speech bubble38081 spread wings91756 stallion191479 telekinesis38546 tongue out144777 trolluna180 watching1896 wavy mouth5444 wide eyes19744 wings216540 wink32498 woonoggles648 ye olde english72


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Artist -

You know, for being tagged “ye olde butcherede englishe”, this is really not that bad. I’ve seen far ghastlier abominations of “olde english” writing in other comics and fanfics.
Background Pony #BBE4
Even when slapping a man was fashionable they had a gunfight right afterwards, somebody had to go!
Scary Butt Fun
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

This is why Egophiliac is the best comic artist/writer. No stupid-ass memes. Funny, original jokes. Great facial expressions. Unique and very visually appealing art style.
Lurker Pony
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Nice to see these two being used even after Moonstuck.
It’s also nice to hear them speak! I bet Luna appreciates the fact that they still use the same dialect as her.
Background Pony #99D5
I think the notion is that the one guard is trying to gain favor with Luna by exposing the other.