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safe1576320 artist:abysstea17 artist:arichka22 artist:tenori-tiger31 applejack158910 pinkie pie203329 human142179 animated92032 belly button67614 cigarette3419 cosplay26569 humanized94119 irl62588 irl human24363 midriff18228 photo70694 promingent female41 russian3750 smoking3804 urinal168 wat18639


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12 comments posted

russian cosplay, pointless and merciless
Background Pony #1EB1
art imitating life imitating art imitating life imitating art imitating…

The fanfic possibilities…

Human!Pinkie: I'll teach you how to pee standing up!
Human!Twilight: How's that gonna help me become princess of the fall formal?
Human!Pinkie: I even wrote a song about peeing standing up! It goes like this…
Background Pony #0159
Hope that's a girl and not a cross dressing guy using that urinal. I find it kinda hot to see girls trying to pee like that.