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safe1689479 artist:equestria-prevails448 discord30677 princess celestia94290 princess luna98470 oc673942 oc:fausticorn1531 alicorn221236 draconequus11307 pony951153 alicorn oc26021 angry26788 argument804 boop7315 braces1289 car5990 cellphone3471 cewestia1789 cloud30300 driving750 eyes closed91512 female1347408 filly65466 floppy ears51434 glare8213 gritted teeth11960 hoof hold8221 lauren faust1734 mare472671 messy mane7666 noseboop2794 open mouth142340 phone6097 photoshop3724 pink-mane celestia2551 seatbelt117 smiling243484 stressed236 teenage discord6 tongue out102195 woona5049 yelling3054 younger17203


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Background Pony #972E
I think this would be great for a coming up next Panty and Stocking then MLP on Zonila Network commercial!

Discord: Helloooo? Oh, hi Twilight.
Celestia: Ouch!
Luna: Hey, watch it!
Panty Anarchy: Ouch, watch out!
Stocking Anarchy: Hey, what the fudge, guys!
Fausticorn: Guys, come on.
Stocking Anarchy: Hey! Watch out!
Panty Anarchy: What a faggot!
Fausticorn: Guys, please stop.
Luna: She started it, by throwing candy at me!
Celestia: No, she started it, by smashing chocolate cake in my face!
Fausticorn: Okay, do I have to break you guys apart?
Panty Anarchy: She started it!
Celestia: No, she started it!
Fausticorn: Guys, come on.
Stocking Anarchy: Oww!
Luna: Stop touching me!
[Fausticorn decides that enough is enough and stops the car and looks at them, furiously]
Celestia: 😕
Luna: 😕
Panty Anarchy: Uh…
Stocking Anarchy: We prefer the break us apart option.

Panty Anarchy: Coming up next, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
Stocking Anarchy: Later, My Little Pony, on Zonila Network!
Posted Report

An edgy 8th grader
3 things

1. this is life in a nutshell

2. i am discord on this picture

3.oh look, they have the seatbelts on!
Background Pony #D0D4
Teenage Discord: Talling on the phone
Fausticorn: OMG! Make It STOP!!!! 😞
Filly Celestia & Luna: Indistinct Chatter In a Argument Way 😡
Mr Wheeler: Aww Shut Up! 😠
Filly Celestia & Luna: Still Indistinct Chatter In a Argument Way 😡😡😡😤😤😤😤💢💢💢💢💢💢💢
Me: Oh. My. God! Would You To Just SHUUUUUT UP! The argument is getting on my nerves! 😡💢
Both: .. … O Kay. ..
Fausticorn: Finally. 😅
Background Pony #4ABB
They're driving her crazy.
Ha! That's because she's driving and they are making her crazy!

Background Pony #1D5C
Mom is going crazy!!!quick discord!videotape her going crazy! I bet you'll get a lot or viewers!!!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

They're in the air, where is she going to turn it around to. By the looks of her, she'll turn it towards the ground, head first, at full throttle.