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19 comments posted
Background Pony #D430
And then it comically ends up with Shining attacking Flash for checking her out.

Until one day, Shining arrives too early and sees her seducing him…
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Background Pony #7A8B
Need a fanfic where twiligth misses flashes human counterpart so she attempts to seduce his pony counterpart but his rockhard(horrible pun I should never have included it)determination and sense of duty rebuffs her advances
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Background Pony #F177
"Must not stare at my boss’s little sister’s plot, which is also a princess’s plot…..Fuck, I’m staring at my boss’s little sister’s plot, which is also a princess’s plot."
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Let Sunset be canon!
Wow, dat low quality; If someone’s gonna do a sfw edit of an image, how do you save it so much smaller than the original;;
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