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safe (1458576)artist:mysteryben (83)fluttershy (187283)rainbow dash (207083)pony (723920)rhythm is magic (44)animated (86178)bipedal (27607)blushing (158104)blush sticker (1816)chop chop master onion (5)cute (153982)dan hibiki (15)dragon ball (660)eyes closed (69964)gritted teeth (9345)hadouken (42)kamehameha (119)pappy rappy (1)parappa the rapper (34)remix apple apple apple (14)rhythm game (234)rhythm heaven (65)ryu (67)shinkuu hadouken (4)shyabetes (9873)smiling (188455)street fighter (582)wide eyes (14956)youtube link (4356)


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27 comments posted
Background Pony #238
the onion guy get a Rainbow Kamehameha!

and fluttershy a create a love blast! but she still to work on it if she want to use it to defence her self!
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Background Pony #C32B
No, you’re supposed to be doing Hadokens, not a Gadoken, Fluttershy, and certainly not a Rainbow Kamehameha, Dash.
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Background Pony #36C9
Fluttershy can have a smaller one but its concentrated, while rd just dissipate the energy all around.

Not saying which one will do more damage because you guys know.
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Background Pony #BE13
Wait, how did Master Onion get hit?

Judging by his position, the freaking death beam is pretty wide for it to hit him?
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Comments27 comments posted