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safe1615201 artist:mysteryben84 fluttershy202946 rainbow dash223995 pony882885 rhythm is magic45 animated94143 bipedal31719 blush sticker2267 blushing182494 chop chop master onion6 cute186187 dan hibiki15 dragon ball684 eyes closed84058 female1285796 gritted teeth10850 hadouken45 kamehameha126 pappy rappy1 parappa the rapper38 remix apple apple apple15 rhythm game231 rhythm heaven68 ryu70 shinkuu hadouken5 shyabetes12447 smiling224423 street fighter604 wide eyes16349 youtube link4709


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27 comments posted
Background Pony #4782
the onion guy get a Rainbow Kamehameha!

and fluttershy a create a love blast! but she still to work on it if she want to use it to defence her self!
Background Pony #5E82
No, you're supposed to be doing Hadokens, not a Gadoken, Fluttershy, and certainly not a Rainbow Kamehameha, Dash.
Background Pony #B708
Fluttershy can have a smaller one but its concentrated, while rd just dissipate the energy all around.

Not saying which one will do more damage because you guys know.
Background Pony #02EB
Wait, how did Master Onion get hit?

Judging by his position, the freaking death beam is pretty wide for it to hit him?