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Sweet Kiss.

suggestive188650 artist:the-butch-x1663 sunset shimmer78399 twilight sparkle354597 human240655 equestria girls253209 g42006586 adorasexy12583 blushing268806 bra21477 breasts385048 clothes625350 cute263134 duo164204 female1780333 french kiss3681 kiss on the lips6305 kissing32118 lesbian116464 sexy45213 ship:sunsetsparkle5144 shipping251149 surprise kiss1166 sweat39782 underwear77760


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Background Pony #D692
Maybe it’s the sweat dripping down their skin…..maybe it’s the blush warming their faces……maybe it’s Sunset’s expression, finally showing her feelings for Twilight…..maybe it’s the way Sunset is holding Twilight’s wrist, leaving her helpless…….but this picture…’s so hard to look away……
James Rye
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

340 up-votes - 15 downvotes.  
There’s a HUGE market for bronies who likes sunsetsparkle in lesbian action.  
That can only mean one thing:  
Background Pony #16B9
The first shipping I could get behind. However, you all know how it ends.  
Background Pony #F68F
I can’t believe my best bud told to look at this and I can’t stop looking at it! And you know the anyone part he keep on saying that they should use this pic to a crossover character with HE’S FAVORITE “ICHIGO KUROSAKI”!!! Yeah I know he’s a bleach fan so im just gonna tell his imaginary small story of his to see what you guys think. Well here goes!
“Ichigo comes back form an exhausting day from doing a soul reaper mission and the worse part of it it was his birthday! Even though everybody gave him a great birthday party he still feel like something exciting is missing from this day.”
“Ichigo sits on his bed with his laptop on his legs reading his Hotmail and Facebook pages, he suddenly gets a anonymous strange Email from someone he think he knoews of course. He didn’t feel like open it but curiosity got the best of him PLUS another new email tell him to open his Surprise Birthday Pics!! Now ichigo finally opens the email and the nosebleed started to come down his nose!”
“And you want to know what the pics were?! SUNSET SHIMMER AND TWILIGHT SPARKLE(E.Gs) DOING LESBIAN STUFF AND SAYING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ICHIGO!!! And things couldn’t get ANY BETTER there was also a FREAKING VIDEO OF IT JUST FOR HIM!!! And of course ichigo must have enjoy and to answer that question yes he did! And at the end of the video sunset & twilight said something that all guys want: Happy birthday Ichigo hope you enjoy your birthday present call us anytime if you want plus you known where we live! An email pots up saying this is they’re adresse.
But just when ichigo was enjoying himself he heard voices coming up:Isshin; Ichigo!! WWhat’s with all the weird noises up there!? Are you okay? Are you hurt, are you looking at PORNS!!?? Karin; Dad stop that your sounding more like idiot again!! Yuzu:Hang on i’ll go check on him. That’s when things go a little crazy!”
“WAIT YUZU DON’T COME IN PLEASE!!! Isshin:OH CRAP DON’T WORRY ICHIGO WE’RE ON OUR WAY!! LETS GO GIRLS ICHIGO’S IN DANGER!!!! They whole family came barging in and soon they discovered–SWEET BABY JESUS ICHIGO WHAT THE HELL YOU WATCHING!!!, Yuzu: AH one-san I didn’t know you in to those things,oh god!! Karin:Jesus Christ ichigo can’t you watch thoses things privately somewhere else!!!! Ichigo:FOR FUCK’S SAKE GET OUT!!! GET OUT!! THIS IS MY PRIVATE TIME!! Ichigo secretly uses rukia’s memory lost thing that he took for emergencys such as this and everyone live happily ever after the end!!!”
Dear god I cant believe I actually wrote all that shit, I can’t belive he even bet 20$ that I wasn’t gonna do it! Well at least I win money!

Well, not angry per sey. More tiffed. I could never stay angry at Shimmer-chan. :D  
Now I just have to regain my standing….By defeating Twilight in a children’s card game….After I join in! runs over to the duo
Background Pony #F68F
Well there only one option for this, time to print out the special hand cream and a box of tissu for this one!