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@Lupin Quill
Now that I remember, I think she did say that. I just don’t like some of the directions Somber went with it, so I just felt like putting in my 2 cents I guess.

@Lupin Quill
The Big 5 (that’s how I’ve always heard them referred to as) are the five most popular and the first ones to gain a relatively large following.

In no particular order, they are:
The Original (of course)
Project Horizons
Pink Eyes
Murky Number Seven

All five are pretty good, despite my previously stated opinions on PH.
MN7 is probably my favorite.
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you really can’t call the logs and recordings in fallout "forced" storytelling because you’re not "forced" to pick them up. People who want the backstory can search them out and learn it, people who are just interested in getting on with things can skip them.

and this is why you really can’t directly compare a non interactive medium like a story to an interactive medium like a video game.
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Tankies pls go
At this point FO:E exists at its own parallel. It’s now more heavily diverged from the core MLP canon that it’s set to basically orbit around it, tangentially related to pony in that it features ponies and pony places.
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@Background Pony

Correction: Fluttershy never taught the zebras how to make magic nukes. She taught them how to create megaspells for healing purposes.

Unfortunately it was also horribly naive of her not to have anticipated the zebras to use her teachings to make weapons instead.
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Spiritus Arcane
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Actually, if you think about it, the creation of memory orbs makes perfect sense. As you note, most of the orbs involve secret dealings and other dirty laundry that the makers probably wouldn’t want anyone finding out about…and then remember that for all the technology, the FoE world is still a land of MAGIC that includes various means of reading minds and memories. Then recall that by making a memory orb, the person loses those memories, removing them from from their mind and, thus ensuring that if they were brainscanned, those secrets wouldn’t fall into the hands of whoever was doing the scanning.

You might ask why not just destroy the orbs after they’re made then? The answer is the same reason for their creation: they contain classified information, information that they took out of their minds to protect, but that they also might need to know again at some point, hence why the orbs weren’t just smashed after creation.

In addition, a good portion of memory orbs contain personal memories from their creator’s pasts, memories that they’d want to keep preserved either for themselves or to share with their loved ones.

As to how these memory orbs get scattered all over, well add 200+ years since their creation and mix in dozens of scavengers and looters finding and trading them to interested parties, and it’s not too inconceivable that over the time since the bombs fell and the start of the stories, all but the most secured orbs have gotten pretty spread around.
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Background Pony #B632
Rolls eyes And I’m sure everyone would just have loved all the history to have been given in one giant exposition at the beginning or something…
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I found recordings and notes in totally random places and apparently everyone and their brother could create recordings even though there were no devices to create them anywhere. The recordings were left lying around and most were obviously forced storytelling because there was 0 reason for anyone to make them in the first place. That doesn’t make them bad, but it does make them forced. But, really, it’s better for them to exist because it gives the player/reader a needed link to the past in order to properly put the "present" into proper context.
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