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safe1709623 artist:dm291664 alumnus shining armor214 applejack170174 dean cadance1142 flash sentry12885 fluttershy213003 pinkie pie216486 princess cadance32512 rainbow dash234278 rarity182141 shining armor23202 trixie67594 twilight sparkle300726 earth pony249899 human154927 pegasus292994 pony970657 unicorn324747 equestria girls200911 applejack's hat7389 balloon10213 blushing198173 boop7414 colt14948 colt flash sentry17 colt shining armor110 cowboy hat15934 cute200290 cutedance1258 dashabetes9270 diapinkes9904 diasentres277 diatrixes3120 duality4262 equestria girls-ified9728 female1365992 filly66977 filly applejack582 filly cadance76 filly fluttershy706 filly pinkie pie401 filly rainbow dash1267 filly rarity432 filly trixie316 filly twilight sparkle2745 football1592 hat87084 hnnng2435 holding a pony3003 human ponidox3528 jackabetes5994 julian yeo is trying to murder us246 male373801 mane six31956 peanut butter crackers194 pony pet782 raribetes5417 shining adorable565 shyabetes13861 simple background394525 sleeping23504 square crossover434 teen princess cadance899 teen shining armor49 transparent background202824 twiabetes11796 twolight1163 whining238 younger17407


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Human Shining Armor is so not a brony… I love it.

Also, not even Human Rarity can handle Pony Rarity… and Pony Flash Sentry has plans.
Background Pony #34ED
Thing that fillies are saying

Twixie: Yay peanut butter crackers!

Pinkie pie: I wonder who is that rainbow pony?

Candance: Hi there.

Twilight: She looks just like me.

Shining armo: um….

Flash sentry: it's so warm.

Fluttershy: She is kind like me.

Rarity: LET ME GO!!!

Applejack: this hat it's so cozy.

Agree to this.

@Background Pony
This on the other hand. Look, I may be a might indifferent to him, but having him in this picture isn't going to completely ruin it. He's a character from EQG with a pony counterpart, that's the point of the picture.
Background Pony #52DE
Someone remove Flash Sentry. The one thing that ruins this picture is him.