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@Tenafly Viper  
meh, sometimes fans just like to identify themselves as a community by using a community nickname. Most fandom nicknames came about unintentionally anyway, it’s just whether or not if they stick. IIRC brony originated as a combination of /b/ro and pony since /b/ was one of the boards that pony stuff got spammed on a lot during early season 1, and the name just stuck. Even ICP’s “juggalos” fan nickname was created unintentionally during a live performance of the song “The Juggla” back in the 90s. (yes I’m something of a casual ICP fan, I probably know more about that group than you’d expect from someone who doesn’t actually call herself a “juggalo” or “juggalette”)
Background Pony #7CB1
Two Best Friends made a jabronies joke somewhat recently during Rustlemania. Pat’s always been inaccurately called a brony based on a joke from the Amnesia episode (one they admitted was staged), and then Pat saying he might have a small liking towards Insane Clown Posse in the “Barkyard Wrestling 2” video, prompting Matt to say a “jabrony” is what Pat is (a brony and a juggalo).

@Background Pony Number 17  
He was likely suggesting, mate.
Also, “Nippon” (にっぽん) is very valid in the language; don’t know where you get the corruption idea from. I can also see the pun working as well: にっポニーズ.
Nippon becomes derogatory in English when it’s shortened to “Nip” or “Nips”.
Know the difference.