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Gothic Lolpinkie - Sehfir
Color sketch commission for Sehfir of a lovely Pinkie pie in Gothic Lolita. There are new pinkie pie toys at Target that are Punkie Pie with the black and white streaks in her mane and tail. Super cute!!
safe1947289 artist:ryunwoofie74 pinkie pie236772 earth pony351279 anthro310183 unguligrade anthro57385 breasts336219 cleavage40314 clothes550099 commission94401 cute232194 diapinkes11439 dress52891 featured image1047 female1580398 fishnets6603 gothic lolita200 grin51633 hand10623 hands together243 hat106556 hooves22307 lolita fashion306 looking at you212563 on one leg88 open mouth193343 pinkie pie's boutique90 sexy36749 smiling323854 smiling at you13245 solo1246858


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Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
I was talking about the general style of her look, not the specific outfit. :)
(Also sidebar: I only saw as far as S7…hurry up with those DVD releases, Hasbro! Geez!)
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It occurs to me… it’s never made a deal in the show just how well Pinkie dresses up. Every time she bothered with clothes, it was pretty much an instant meme in the community.
I don’t know. Just seems like they could have had some neat drama with Rarity noticing that, and freaking out a bit that not only is the wall-flower animal-handler a better model than her… so’s the hyper-active party-girl.
Just Wayne
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Haven’t seen that merch of Pinkie Pie in a while. Hasbro must really like goth themselves considering how many goth ponies there are.