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Background Pony #4F00
I like the Saturn and Chibi-usa ponies. Adorable little fillys. Amy Mebberson is also friends with SM fan JetWolf so she did a picture of JW as a pony.
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Background Pony #4EB3
>not always caring about sailor moon
>not having recorded all episodes and showing them to your kids
>mot laughing at your kids for not understanding japanese and asking you untie them from the seat
>not slowly losing it as you dress in japanese school girl outfits, talking to your cat and fighting the monster
>not being sectioned and never from again
Get on my level

By omission, the show has been plenty clear: earth ponies are inferior to their brethren and wouldn’t be suitable for it.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I still remember, when I was 13, I wasn’t even watching the anime just thinking about it when it hit me

"Waitaminute… those two were TOTALLY LESBIANS"
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