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"Some day Im gonna find out how to simplify these and make them work more with the Fim style (or make them their own thing). Today is not that day. But I feel it would be sad if every griffin in Equestria was just the same old eagle and lion combo over and over again. Sizes are an approximation but may still be subject to change.
At first I was gonna go with the idea that all these griffins are part of the same kingdom (they still are, technically), but I figure they have various tribes after all, strewn across Equestria instead of bunched up in one place.
From left to right:
Panther/Bearded Vulture — Probably not the most trustworthy individual.
Housecat/Blue Tit — He probably isn't gonna get much bigger than this when he's grown up ;)
Cheetah/Secretary Bird — I imagine that these guys, if they arent royalty, are at least very important missionaries. Or possibly assassin squads, quick hit and run elite soldiers. Probably both. In any case they have a special dislike for dragons.
Siberian Tiger/Gyrfalcon — Pretty seldom, notorious loners, even more so than your average griffin. I decided to combine the respective eye colours for this one.
Ocelot/Macaw — An elderly statesman whos only function seems to be to repeat what his superiors/royalty told him. A yes-man of the highest degree. Loves to raid the snack bar at official conferences. Casually cruel towards small animals.
Puma/Condor — Traditionalist, suspicious of everyone, impossible to work with."
safe1573533 artist:carnifex2286 oc603881 oc only409244 blue-and-yellow macaw18 griffon24846 macaw51 original species23040 parrot griffon11 secretary bird17 tiger griffon15 vulture66 vulture griffon11 condor5 griffon oc1565 headcanon2121 lammergeier2 line-up963 monocle957 necktie6205 simple background344942 white background86904


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Truth's Deathless Voice
I really like the last one. One of my OCs is a griffon with an Ornate Hawk-Eagle as the raptor half. Arguably the most striking of all predatory birds. 8)
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Relic Unicorn
Interesting fact: the bearded vulture's crest is actually white. They dye themselves red in nature by rubbing blood and red dust into their feathers!