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“The simplest explanation I can think of is that something happened during the spell that caused the vampire fruit bat to send out a wifi signal that infected Fluttershy’s network.”  
“…I think your learnin’s blurring together, Twi.”
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An uneven grid? WHO ARE YOU and what you’ve done with Twilight Sparkle?
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Who needs a TV if you have Twilight^^
Now I want to see a pic with an annoyed looking Twilight with a glowing horn while her friends using her new spell to watch a movieXD
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Everyone’s talking about how Twilight turned Fluttershy into a batpony.
I’m sittin’ here being more concerned about 3D-magic-unicorn-tron-grid-diagrams being a thing that exists.
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So basically, Twilight did a thing, Twilight fucked it up, Twilight completely failed to acknowledge that it was her fault and hers alone, Twilight fixed it anyway, episode over.
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Touch Fluffy Tail
That’s how the spell worked though, the spell-caster had to have their undivided attention for it to work, and it took that for Fluttershy to use her “Stare”