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Background Pony #40A4
Welp, it’s only taken three years, nine months, and ~19 days, but I think all the characters are finally, conclusively tagged.
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Downvote Addict
I named them all, but one… Who the hell is that one that Berry is fishing for?

Tagged with Mandopony, nice job whoever failed there.
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Master Fox
What I like is how Fleetfoot is face hoofing only moments before noticing the the red stallion of her dreams just below her.

… With the hoof bump between Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, I get the feeling they told the CMC they could get their cutie mark by jumping buildings.
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Background Pony #BD45
Sombra: Yes, I’ll just plot back here in the background where nopony can see me!


OOh, Hey! Is that Sapphire Shores!
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Background Pony #698E
-Sombra in background, near building on left. Look above Diamond Tiara.
-Twilight’s parents(Just below Fausticorn) look fairly miffed at her not at least sending mail.
-Fluttershy got into the mirror pool, so she could vampony at the Apples’ harvest. Pinkie joined her; I think one of her is unhappy about having to cook, for some reason.
-The Doctor REALLY needs to check six.
-Future Twilight does NOT like being ambushed.
-I hope Luna isn’t jealous of Pipsqueak. For Zecora’s sake.
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