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Flame To Fire

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trixie dom!
suggestive129738 artist:atrolux71 trixie62897 anthro233826 bedroom eyes53217 breasts245793 busty trixie3645 cleavage31417 clothes414939 collar29242 collaring17 dominatrix2081 dominatrixie130 evening gloves7561 female1207592 latex10379 nudity334733 offscreen character30196 pov12667 solo982881 solo female169030 submissive pov867


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Thanks, and maybe I'll write more now that I'm getting a little bit more into it. Don't get your hopes up though. I guess I will have to post the fic somewhere else once I finish it, as it is going to be explicit, and thusly not fitting for the rating of this picture.

I'll make a comment here once it's done, and then people can just message me to get a link.

You put a hand to your head and groan as the feel the sensation of a steam train hitting the gray matter, causing you to seriously regret that last vodka shot. You shake your head back and forth a couple of times in an attempt to make your vision a bit less blurry, but all it really does is make your headache a lot worse. You look around a little and find yourself in a cold and rocky room, which puzzles you since the last thing you can remember was sitting in a bar and being dared to drink some shots. At least the girl was pretty cute, she probably was at any rate since you had already being drinking a little before she showed up; there’s no telling what beer goggles can do. Speaking of that girl, you think that might be her sitting in a plush chair on the other side of the room. Yeah, that’s definitely her; no other girl you’ve ever seen had hair in twin shades of blue like that. What’s really strange, is that thanks to what’s probably a trick of the light, her skin looks like it’s also blue – just a couple of shades darker than her hair. You put a hand to your head and shake it again, thinking this must’ve been the time you’ve gone too far for a cute chick in a bar and ended up with some form of alcohol poisoning. It would certainly explain now that your vision is clearing up a little why there appears to be something pointy affixed to the center of her forehead. She gets up from the chair and walks over to you – her black heels clacking against the floor as you look up blearily and try to ask for a glass of water. You get the feeling that the blue blob doesn’t like that request for whatever reason, and you think you see her frowning for half a second before her heel quickly collides with your temple and you black out again.

When you wake back up, you groan and try to get to your feet so you can get a bearing. Unfortunately, it appears that your hands are bound behind you using quite a thick and coarse length of rope — which feels much too tight to allow for a chance at escape. You lift your head and try to find that cute girl since this rope is probably her doing; this isn’t the first time you’ve been with someone who happened to like you being tied up. You catch a glimpse again of that young and shapely body with that lovely hair, as well as…a tail? She seems to be wearing a full set of dominatrix gear consisting of a tight leather corset that just allows her pert cleavage to poke up enticingly, a pair of latex elbow gloves that run down her slender arms, and a set of latex stockings that lead the eye naturally down her legs until you see her tall black heels. In her right hand is an intimidating leather riding crop; almost making you wish you’d stayed in your dorm and studied instead of going to the bar. You grunt as the flat of her heel placed against the side of your head, pushing it back to the ground so you can’t see anything but the rough, gray floor and her other shoe again. She chides you in a complacent manner that sounds as if you’re nothing more than dirt to her, “You do certainly require some extensive training from what I can see; no obedient slave or slut would have the courage or willpower to try and see their mistresses’ face without explicit permission. No matter, there’s plenty of time to give you that training; no one is going to miss you for a long time. In fact, I’d hazard saying that I’ve got all the time in Equestria to break you.”

It takes a second for that last sentence to sink into your head, but once it finally does you almost panic as you begin to wonder where the fuck you are since this definitely doesn’t seem like the sleepy college town you were just under an hour ago. You try again to lift your head and this time you open your mouth to protest at the treatment and the fact you’ve clearly been kidnapped by this psychopathic bitch while you were just trying to sleep off your alcohol.

Alright, because there seemed to be a good amount of interest in me writing this story, I've decided to do it and have already begun with the writing. I am now at this point looking for a good name for this story, as I'm intending to post it to FimFiction once I'm done.