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safe1704991 artist:mrponiator271 oc683766 oc only448211 oc:coke pony142 drink pony27 original species25121 :t3783 animated98557 blank flank7572 bubble5250 burp1977 cute199567 eyes closed93365 female1361777 gif31008 open mouth145538 pixel art10500 prancing503 simple background392900 smiling247973 solo1063136 transparent background202112 trotting1406 trotting in place467 wat19228


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Background Pony #6443
And this, is why I so desperately need to find a good pixel animator program.

If he keeps shaking all the fizz out of himself his next burp will be a "B-flat".

Also careful not to drink over a 1000 cans per day, apparently that could make you sick… from cancer.
Background Pony #1C75
incase this oc doesn't have a name yet, i vote to call this one "Fizzy pop"