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The NEW and IMPROVED banner for the group on Fimfiction.

Equestria's Pet Play Society
artist needed25234 suggestive127856 artist:miketheuser340 artist:pijinpyon236 artist:skipsy648 applejack158694 cheerilee9347 fluttershy197581 rainbow dash219183 silver spoon6215 twilight sparkle282451 appledash5352 ballgag6557 bell3733 bell collar1965 blushing175571 bow24180 cheerispoon26 chest fluff32396 clothes408451 collar28687 female897819 gag13156 glasses54832 golden oaks library4483 leash6805 lesbian92141 library2866 panties46043 pet play3089 pet-dash222 shipping183787 shoes30251 socks56686 underwear55129


not provided yet


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2 comments posted

Artist needed for the fluttershy picture ?
Found it: derpiboo.ru/308816.
Artist appears to be 'vikuskaal'
Devianart account is 'vikuskaal.deviantart.com'. (live while typing this)
Artist also has some other MLP related artwork but I going to leave it up to the artist to decide where to post the artwork.

Artist for Silver Spoon & Cheeralee Picture ? — No idea
Derpiboo source: derpiboo.ru/487979
Which shows a link to a 4chan message board (no longer live)