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This filly. I like this filly. I'm gonna use this filly
explicit354949 artist:frikdikulous247 boysenberry206 oc696144 human156495 pony985029 anatomically correct24287 anus98322 colored19638 disembodied hand2854 dock50786 female1379264 filly68013 foal15531 foalcon18235 implied foalcon1570 implied rape1353 lifting593 long mane3356 nudity375210 open mouth149469 ponut44451 ponytail18228 scared10573 simple background400165 sketch63571 tail pull2269 underhoof52779 vagina49326


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Background Pony #BEDB
Okay, people, with all respect but can y'all stop with the whiteknightf@ggotry?

This is a fictional character as in it does NOT exist and is merely the product of someone's imagination.

Don't like it? Don't look at it, that is what the filters are for.
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If you're familiar with the details of the rating system here it's easy enough to grasp. The way you presented it though made it look a little bit like the start of a trolling session.
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@Ricky Castle
When it's someone posting negative comments check if it's anonymous. If it is it's usually just someone trolling and responding is just what they want.

I mean anyone that talks condescendingly is very aware they're being complete assholes anyway, but when it's someone that's hidden… it's just not going to go anywhere good. Mix having an audience and being anonymous together and you just get that type of person.