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He’s gonna need a lot more health bonuses.

(Note: I did not make this. I found it on an image board.)
safe (937068)edit (40403)screencap (75430)amethyst star (1561)apple bloom (32707)berry punch (4633)bon bon (10926)carrot top (4093)cherry berry (1305)cloud kicker (1228)daisy (1547)dizzy twister (689)flower wishes (1329)golden harvest (4094)lemon hearts (1224)linky (839)lyra heartstrings (19790)medley (887)minuette (3986)raindrops (1500)sassaflash (550)scootaloo (34771)seafoam (838)sea swirl (839)shoeshine (982)smarty pants (1194)sparkler (1425)sprinkle medley (744)sweetie belle (33399)sweetie drops (10918)twilight sparkle (177813)twinkleshine (1308)lesson zero (838)ball of violence (33)doom (216)doomguy (48)gun (7340)want it need it (114)


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