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Twilight learned that evening that with enough wine a human male will sleep with anything. Also, that a human lasts much longer than a pony. *wink wink nudge nudge*

And so our tale of alcohol and regret comes to a happy end for Twilight in this final morning after. Hey, I put her in bed with Dan; she deserved to finish on a high note.
suggestive129550 artist:dtkraus449 edit119455 flash sentry11934 twilight sparkle283624 pony855474 equestria girls182752 bed36884 bedroom eyes53050 blushing177567 eye contact6117 female1185364 flashlight2561 frown21530 grin33367 human fetish658 human flash sentry11 human flash sentry x pony twilight58 human on pony action9903 husbando thief116 implied sex5347 interspecies20766 male324355 nudity334071 role reversal1286 shipping184384 smiling217841 straight122183 twilight's morning after10 wallpaper17771 wallpaper for the fearless1636


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Background Pony #F3FA
can someone make a template of this with twilight either relaxed or surprised so i can have whatever i want next to twilight
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Background Pony #8EC3
It doesn't change the fact that Twilight is originated a pony, while Flash is originated a human. Therefore it is beastality. Sorry.

Twilight… It's supposed to be Luna who comes up with wonderful ideas in which she misses the blindingly obvious. You're hopeless.

(Is this scenario in Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder? Because it needs to be.)
Background Pony #0752
If Twilight was a pony while they had sex then Flash wouldn't have had that reacted that way.
Then again, sometimes a man doesn't give a fuck when he's horny….
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At least in the context of derpibooru, there is a difference between "bestiality" and "interspecies." Interspecies is sexual stuff between sapient beings of different species, whether those sapient beings are ponies, humans, griffons, diamond dogs, etc. The "Bestiality" tag is for when a sapient is having sex with a non-sapient animal, like a pony having sex with a timberwolf, a phoenix, or a regular horse. In this case, it's the sapient human Flash Sentry having sex with the sapient pony Twilight Sparkle, so it falls under "interspecies," which we have.

tl;dr interspecies yes, bestiality no
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Even if it were the truth, there's a much nicer word for it anyway: zoophilia. But since this is intercourse between two sentient creatures, it's not. If you really want to call it something, then you should call it human -iality, as Flash was the nonconsenting one here, not the "animal".